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Video Tips

Brian has been getting a lot of requests for a fitness video that people can follow at home or on the road. In response to the overwhelming interest, Brian has put together “Brian Peeler’s Quick Fitness Tips” – a series of short videos that introduce some basic exercises that will be useful for anyone, from the beginner to the expert!

Enjoy the free videos here or on Brian’s YouTube Channel. And let us know what you think! If there’s enough interest, Brian will make more videos to help you get sexy!



00. Introduction


01. Equipment


02. Squat


03. Squat with Overhead Press


04. Reverse Lunge


05. Jump Squat


06. Military Press


07. Pushup on Swiss Ball



08. Pushup on Bosu Ball

09. Pushup with Legs

10. Pushup with Arm Extension

11. Pushup with Arm Extension & Twist

12. Modified Pushup for Women

13. Pushups with a Partner

14. Pushups Against a Wall

Coming Soon…

Coming up: More exercises for your legs and booty! Lunge, Reverse Lunge, and Jump Squats. Check back soon!

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