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Heidi G., Westlake, CA

“Currently, I have lost over 80 lbs!! For the first time in my life, I am living a healthy active lifestyle.

When I was faced with an uncomfortable reality check in the mirror, I decided it was time to take action.  Time and money had been my excuses — being a mom of two young boys and a new small business owner keeps one pretty busy and budgeted!

I had tried other programs, with points, packaged food, and support meetings. I lost a little weight but I never did the exercise as suggested — maybe a walk after dinner, or a trip to the gym to read a magazine on the treadmill, if that counts.

This time I threw myself into the fire: PEELERBUILT ADULT RECESS BOOTCAMP. On the first day, I was intimidated just to get out of the house, out of the car, and to walk up to the group. Now my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!  The people I’ve met at Peelerbuilt Adult Recess Bootcamp are genuine, positive, supportive, and happy. As I rapidly lost weight, my body was changing before my eyes and my attitude evolved too. I experienced jaw-dropping results. I have gone from only walking to jogging, from jogging to running. I have done so many things in this class that have surpassed any athletic fantasy I’ve had.

Brian Peeler is not your average trainer. He is gifted, passionate, and innovative in making the hard work fun and so worth it.  He brings out the inner fit person of EVERYONE in class. That is phenomenal talent!  If you’re going to do the work you might as well make it worth your time and money!

Is it time to change your life to be healthy? I think it’s priceless!”


Suzanne Barger, DE

I have always been a “bigger” girl. I was always bigger than all my friends growing up and even started dieting as early as middle school. I would lose weight only to gain it all back plus more. But it has gotten out of control! The past 10 years I have been over 250 pounds. Even getting up as high as 315lbs. Last summer, we moved to a new town and I went to see a new doctor who said enough was enough. It was time to change. I was at that time 261 pounds, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was borderline diabetic. I had been seeing all over my friend, Brian Peelers Facebook about how he had been helping others lose weight and get healthy. I thought I’d give him a call! So we talked and he convinced me to try the Body by Vi challenge with his diet and exercise plan to go with it. That was in September 2011.“” I LOST 52LBS IN THE FIRST 90 DAYS”” and am now down to 185lbs! I have not only lost a ton of weight but am healthy as can be. I have maintained this weight for months now and am so extremely athletic now, something I never thought I would be. Last month, my husband and I were even crowned the Body by Vi couples champions! Who would have ever thought? I tell you who, Brian did. He believed in me from day one and told me I would be on that stage one day and that I would help motivate tons of people lose weight and get healthy! Brian is amazing and the program works! Thank you Brian for helping me change my life!


Jacqueline Cox., Salisbury, NC

Everyday when I woke up in the morning, I was not happy with the way I looked. I never had any energy and was always taking naps. Ive always been very skeptical of weight loss products and programs. My trainer Brian Peeler recommended that I try the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge, still skeptical I took his advice and went ahead and purchased the 90 day challenge. By day twenty I had lost almost 8 pounds. With the diet and exercise I found it very easy to lose the weight. Most diet products that I have tasted we’re in unappealing but these shakes tasted like cake batter and I found them very easy to drink. I have since finished the 90 day challenge and have lost 5 inches and almost 20 pounds. I have a remarkable amount of energy now and I am much more self confident! My clothes fit and look so much better. I have recommended this product to all my friends. Although the complements are great the greatest complement I’ve received is my friends joining me on the challenge and changing their lifestyle for the better with me!


Carolyn Meyer  Studio City, CA


I made the commitment to myself to lose weight and get back into shape but I refused to join a gym. Loving the outdoors I had always wanted to try an outdoor Bootcamp. When I heard about Peelerbuilt Fitness Adult Recess Bootcamp I was in!  It’s been a year and it’s safe to say that I’m hooked. Brian and Scott are passionate trainers who truly care about your results. They combine a hard, challenging workout with fun and support. They push you past your comfort zone and the group dynamic provides accountability, support and motivation. The trainers will correct your form so that you get the most out of each exercise and workout. And the workout is never the same so it’s never dull or boring. And Brian calls it Adult Recess for a reason…my favorite end to a workout was playing tag in the “sandbox”!! And it’s not all about the workout, Brian also helped me to change my diet through Visalus and a great meal plan. The change in my diet has remained consistent and I couldn’t have done it without Visalus. The nutritional shakes are easy to make and they taste so great I never felt like I was on a “diet” and most importantly it’s not a “diet” it is a lifestyle change.   So far I’ve lost 25lbs and I went from wearing size 8-10 pants to now wearing size 4-6. My muscles are defined and I have much more energy and stamina.
  I’m turned 42 this year and can proudly say that I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m not done!!  I cannot recommend Brian Peeler’s Bootcamp strongly enough. It’s an intense, challenging and fun two hours a week that has changed my life. Brian’s innate dedication and passion to help people get healthy is inspiring. Bring your dedication and combined you can’t lose. It will change your life!!


















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